Why our Window Shutters stand Out as the best roll down shutters ..

Not your Average Roll Down Shutters

You have chosen to spend at least the long winter months here in sunny SW Florida. Whether you live here year round, or part time, I'm sure your home is beautiful, and you would like it to stay that way. You of course have considered hurricane protection but you do not want to sacrifice the aesthetics of your home. You have probably done some research and may have decided that Motorized Aluminum  Roll Down Shutters, or Roll Down Hurricane Fabric system fits your needs. These products are by far the easiest to deploy, and retract, and give you privacy and that sense of security that is so important. But, after driving around looking at the white boxes above every window, and the shiny extrusions everywhere, its not so appealing. Roll Down Shutters have been installed that way since their invention. The good news is that we have developed innovative ways to totally hide the motors and rolls, while applying an acrylic based product by hand to the extrusions and housings to match your homes stucco finish and color. The finished product is something you must see to believe. When we texture and paint, and recess the rolls into soffits above windows, overhangs above lanais , ceilings above entry areas, the shutters virtually disappear. Isn't that what we want ? Invisible shutters that don't detract from the aesthetics of your beautiful, home? Before you click off thinking "this must be too expensive" and go back to surfing the average shutter companies, think again.  Anyone that sees your job will not have ever seen another shutter job that looks so nice. When they go to buy shutters, who will they call? Its how I have  stayed in business all these years. My jobs are my advertisements. That is why I am still quite competitive in my pricing. Call us. Learn all the other reasons why you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Free estimates for replacement windows, hurricane shutters, hurricane fabric, window shutters, accordion shutters, and of course our roll down shutters. 239-466-7166

Replacement Windows and Doors have their place, as do our stucco finished Roll Down Shutters and all of our Hurricane Shutters.

There are  Roll Down Shutters above the door in the photo. These hurricane shutters are easily deployed at the touch of a button, and because of the texture and paint, are virtually invisible too. Instead of our window shutters, our impact resistant  replacement windows and doors would have worked well also. The choice is entirely up to you.