Mr. Millers' Hidden Roll Down Shutters

  • Merrill MillerJuly 30 at 10:35 AM   I purchased a new home/ new construction.  My home was equipped with what I thought were poor quality hard to install manual hurricane shutters.    In the event of a storm, it would be necessary for me to install each shutter panel on my 2400 square foot home.  Not only would this installation process be long and tedious it would be impossible for my wife and me due to our age and my medical issues.  In addition, there is generally very little (definite) time notice by the media before a storm will hit my area.  I spoke to several companies about install and removing my panels in the event of a storm, they all indicated that it would be around $500. to install and $500 to remove each time a storm scare was issued.  My bigger concern was finding some one that would do it and not be too busy or too far away to install and remove.   So, my choices were narrow replace what I had with an easier procedure.  I spoke to several of the top recommended hurricane shutter vendors in the area.  They were all reputable but the one who stood out was Seminole Wind Hurricane Shutters.  I am a fanatic when it comes to construction on my home.  The other companies provided shutters that were all similar, when Seminole Wind Hurricane presented their pitch Tom and I walked around my home and he showed me how each shutter would be designed and installed so that the motor and box would be concealed.  When the shutter is open there is no visibility of it from the street.    I opted for motorized shutters throughout my home each motor being concealed with a central remote control.  Tom Stokes who owns this company was here every day with his crew.  Mr. Stokes has an extensive background in construction and finishing carpentry.  He supervised the process from beginning to completion and sent me an email a week later inquiring if I had any questions.  I do not, the remote is quite simple to use.    Seminole staff were knowledgeable artisans with many years of experience and their finished product was to be admired.  My shutters can be open and closed within a few minutes.  I found closing shutters in the rooms not used during the day keeps these rooms cooler in the summer months.  My wife and I highly recommend Seminole Wind Hurricane Shutters, I can be reached for verification of my review at: mmiller@fieldservicesco.comnal) 

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Top of the line hurricane shutters that do not take away from the aesthetics of your unique home.