Roll Down Shutters and Stucco Finishes


Custom Finishes

The roll down shutter track on the wall in the photograph to your left has an extremely tough acrylic based product applied by hand to closely resemble virtually any stucco design on your home. Weather you choose roll down shutters, window replacement, or any other form of hurricane shutters, no one else will pay as close attention to the aesthetics of your home . And, our prices are still seriously competitive.

Custom Colors

This product allows us to paint all the structure components track, housings, headers, buildout to match your home exactly. We cannot texture the actual slats of the roll down shutters as they are moving parts. The slats of the hurricane shutters come stock in a variety of high quality powder coated colors. Custom colors are available. If you prefer our window replacement, the colors are limited to factory colors.

Totally Hidden Roll Down Shutters

Follow the track of the roll down shutters in the left photo to the top. You can barely see the bottom of the hurricane shutters starting into the track. We install the hurricane shutters into the soffits. Then we artfully texture all the surrounding structure to match the stucco of your home. After painting to match, the shutters disappear. This customer has chosen roll down shutters over window replacement for good reason. It is a lanai situation so the shutters can be deployed to protect your furniture, they make great remote control curtains for that whole section of your home, they protect the entire lanai saving money on door and window replacement.

Roll Down Shutters with the very best quality.

I am the owner, operator of Seminole Wind Hurricane Shutters. I have been in this business for over 30 years. We pride ourselves not only in the fact that our hurricane shutters are aesthetically unmatched, but that we developed our system with components that have proven to be the quietest, smoothest operating, dependable, longest lasting, trouble free hurricane grade roll down shutters ever available. Our window replacement team are second to none also.